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Front-line Employee Assessments

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What is The Safety Quotient™? 

Safety Quotient™ gives employers the insight necessary to manage workers’ that have “Higher-Risk” personality traits. Through a 10-15 minute online assessment, Safety Quotient™ measures participants’ personality risk factors to predict which of your front-line employees are high-risk for these traits. Most companies using Safety Quotient™ have reduced workplace incidents by more than 25%.

AVP Specifications


A Total Person Assessment


With Built In Distortion Indicators


12 Safety Performance Indicators


Time To Take:​

10-15 Minutes On Average

Used For:

The AVP solution helps to identify the personality traits and “default settings” which are correlated with successful workplace performance. We have a unique focus on Behavioral Risk, predicting the likelihood of people’s inherent “hard wiring” for positive attitude, integrity, achievement-orientation, responsibility, communication, coachability, aggression, distractibility, and more.

All inclusive reports. 

AVP Summary Page (Employer Version)
AVP Combo Report (Employer Version) NEW
Workstyle & Performance Profile (Employer )
Workstyle & Performance Profile (Participant)
Work Values & Attitudes (Employer Version)
Safety Quotient (Employer Version)
Safety Quotient (Participant Version)
Driver Safety Quotient (Employer Version)
Driver Safety Quotient (Participant Version)

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