eSkill-Employee Skill Testing/Assessment

Make Your HR Life Easier™

Save Time & Money

Lagging Employee Performance

Increase Production

Custom-Made Employment Assessment Tests

Customized employee skill test

Easy to use

Interactive simulations

Enterprise integration

Unbelievable client support

Real time results

Know Your Applicants,

Before The Interview

eskill's online software has helped thousands of organizations configure the most accurate, valid tests for pre-employment and skills gap assessment: efficiently, affordably, and with full compliance.

eSkill simply has built the industry’s best solution for 
skills and behavioral testing.  

The eSkill Advantages:

  •  Customizable tests for increased
    efficiency, relevance, and validity

  • Higher reliability for test takers, no needed plugins or downloads

  • 24/7 live support for clients and test-takers

  • Every client gets a dedicated test advisor

  • Multiple solutions to simulations are
    scored correctly for more accurate scores

  • eSkill has a perfect 15-year track
    record of legal compliance

Trusted by thousands of businesses just like yours


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