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Develop Resilient Teams during The Great Resignation with Patrick Lencioni - Learn How to Build Resilient Teams despite The Great Resignation

Patrick Lencioni On Demand Interview

On average, four million people are quitting their jobs every month, leaving organizations and teams everywhere feeling disconnected. 

In this interview Patrick Lencioni will discuss, Developing Resilient Teams During The Great Resignation, and how The Five Behaviors® can help teams thrive during times of change. Pat will also discuss the incredible impact The Great Resignation has had on teams and will share unique insights on how you can help your teams feel more connected. With the help of The Five Behaviors, you'll be able to unlock organizational success through the development of high-performing teams. 
To help set your teams up for success, watch our exclusive on demand interview where you’ll learn:
  • The Great Resignation’s impact on employee/team wellbeing 
  • Concrete strategies for building vulnerability-based trust in the hybrid workplace
  • How managers can adapt the way they “team” for the better and how The Five Behaviors can help
As always, please reach out to me with any questions. Watch the on demand interview today!
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