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Job Analysis Survey For One Position


Information gathered by this survey will be used to create a Performance Model to represent job suitability for a particular position.

As you complete the survey, draw upon your resources such as a written job description or knowledge of experience in the job. Consider the job itself, not what a person who does the job might be like.

Use the following definitions to differentiate between the terms rarely, occasionally, and frequently.


To complete the survey, read each statement and relate it to the particular job. Decide whether the quality, skill, or activity applies to the job and choose the appropriate response.

Remember, your response should apply to the work required by the position, not the qualities of any person doing the job. THINK JOB, NOT PERSON.
Be realistic. Respond in terms of acceptable job performance standards, not in terms of a “perfect” employee.


When entering the results from this survey into the computer, use

1 for RARELY



When completing this survey, for each question, click the circle under the best descriptor: Rarely, Occasionally, or Frequently.

This job requires the use of a college-level vocabulary
What is the largest planet in our solar system?
Where is Budapest?
How many continents are there?

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