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Introducing ODNA® Fit! We've combined the Occupational DNA® Process with the best "Smart" Adaptive Employee Assessment on the market! 

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Connect Your Business Strategy To Your People Strategy

The PXT Select™ Suite

USE: Pre/Post-Hire

PXT Select™ is the first major business assessment with computer adaptive assessment technology built in. An online selection assessment measures a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behaviors, and interests. It provides organizations with actionable, objective data about candidates in a simple-to-understand format to assist you in the interview.

Everything DiSC® Suite

USE: Post-Hire

Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ is a personal development learning experience that equips people with the social and emotional know-how for more effective interactions at work—no matter who or where they are.  

Learners foster a more engaged, collaborative, and adaptive culture that drives results. 

CheckPoint 360°™ Feedback

USE: Post-Hire

CheckPoint 360° survey combines feedback from direct reports, peers, supervisors, and others who work with your leaders. The survey measures 70 leadership behaviors grouped into 18 skill sets and eight universal competencies. CheckPoint then identifies gaps and focus areas to build a personalized development plan.

Step One Survey®

USE: Pre-Hire

The Step One Survey is a brief pre-hire assessment and screening tool that measures an individual's fundamental work-related values early in the candidate selection process. This assessment provides valid insight into an applicant's work ethic, reliability, integrity, propensity for substance abuse, and attitudes towards theft—including property theft, data, and time.

Safety Quotient Assessment

USE: Pre/Post-Hire

Safety Quotient (SQ) measures participants’ personality risk factors to predict which of your frontline employees are high-risk. Years of research into workplace safety have uncovered six personality traits directly correlated to employee safety. The report outlines strategies to improve employee Safety and Self-Awareness allowing managers to predict preventable incidents through coaching and training.

Customer Service Profile™

USE: Pre/Post-Hire

The assessment measures a person’s customer service-oriented traits fit to a specific customer service role within your organization. It also defines what outstanding customer service means for your organization, ensuring alignment and consistency in delivering customer service. It can be used for general positions or tailored for hospitality, healthcare, financial services, and retail industries. 

Why The Assessment Company®?

A great team of industry experts

In the ever-evolving world of hybrid work, hiring has become a meticulous process that relies on precise tools and data. At The Assessment Company®, we understand the intricacies of fair and unbiased hiring decisions.

We take pride in being the only firm that combines the profound insights of Occupational DNA® with cutting-edge "SMART" assessments, introducing you to the forefront of Adaptive Assessment Technology (AAT).

Our dedicated team provides comprehensive training and robust implementation support, seamlessly aligning your business vision with impactful people strategies. We can help you redefine the way you approach talent management.


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"Everyone wants to be good at what they do, but there is only one that's the best. We found them!"

"As our team searched for the best method to recruit for the positions we needed, all of our team agreed that The Assessment Company had the best approach. Easy to work with and willing to be flexible and bring a usable product for us to use in less than a week; that's the kind of company I can work with and appreciate. Everyone wants to be good at what they do, but there is only one that's the best. We found them!"

Mark Davis

CEOAxcon Corporation Inc

"I absolutely recommend The Assessment Company and the products/services they offer."

"We have worked with The Assessment Company for many years now, and every experience we have had with the staff has been A+. This team is extremely knowledgeable and will go above and beyond to make sure that they meet your needs in an effective but also very efficient manner. The PXT and the DiSC have been core pieces of our talent development process. I absolutely recommend The Assessment Company and the products/services they offer."

Eddie Alexander

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., UNITED
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