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PXT Select Assessment Data

Experience in Employee Assessments. Three decades worth.

PXT Select Assessment data to make the right Employee decisions...the first time.  

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Scientifically validated assessments, with actionable data, to select the right people for the right job.

Pre Hire, Coaching, Promoting
PXT Select

I want an employee assessment solution to help reduce turnover, improve employee performance, and put the right people in the right jobs! It would be great if the tool could help with coaching, promotion & succession planning also!

emotional intelligence
Everything disc

I want to help my workforce become more agile in their approach to social and emotional workplace  situations. I also want to improve work relationships, reduce conflict

and improve our organizational culture.  

360 Degree Feedback & development

I would like to gather real-time feedback on employee performance from peers, subordinates, & superiors. It would be great to generate an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for the participant. 

Front-Line Workforce & Safety

I want to prescreen job applicants for honesty, integrity, & reliability.  I would also like to hire a safer workforce & reduce workplace incidents.   It would be great if the assessment tool was fast, accurate and cost effective.

Industry Update

How We Work 

Step 1

You schedule a no cost, no obligation Webinar. All initial calls are handled by John P. Beck, Jr., CEO and author of Breaking The Code: Hiring Strategies, Occupational DNA & The Modern Organization. 

Step 2

John will be your guide as he draws upon his 30 plus years in the assessment industry, where he will understand your unique business needs and objectives and offer you appropriate assessment solutions . An added bonus, if he doesn't have a solution that meets your needs, he'll help you find one that does.

Step 3

Within 24 hours of meeting, John and his team will prepare support information from the call, pricing and layout training, and implementation plans.

Industries We Serve

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources,
Architecture & Construction,
Arts, A/V Technology & Communications,
Business Management & Administration,
Education & Training, Finance,
Government & Public Administration, 

Health Science, Hospitality & Tourism,
Human Services, Information Technology,
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security,

Manufacturing, Marketing,

Science, Technology, Engineering,

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Don't see an industry related to your organizational needs?  Please contact us to learn more about companies similar to yours that have partnered with The Assessment Company® to achieve their talent goals and objectives.

How We Work

Important Industry Update
What Other Assessment Vendors Won't Tell You

As you begin your search for a new assessment solutions provider, every company you speak with will present the same old tired technology called "Fixed Form Assessment"(FFA). Fixed Form Assessments, by their very construction, are littered with shortcomings, i.e., fakable, cheatable, answer keys, and websites devoted to beat the tool you are going to use to make important human capital decisions. 

Their sales people will tell you that you need the healthcare assessment, customer service or sales assessment, or no, you need the management assessment! Really? These are the problems that have plagued the assessment industry for decades. 

Entre Wiley, an American multinational publishing company founded in 1807. The Wiley organization, instead of hiding the problems of the industry, decided to take them head on....On April 5, 2017, everything changed. PXT Select was officially launched and the assessment industry would enter a new generation, Adaptive Assessment Technology (AAT).


The Assessment Company® is the only firm to combine Occupational DNA® with the latest in AAT. 

The Secret Of Employee Assessments

Trusted By Thousands Of Companies, Just Like Yours

PXT Select Over 4,000,000 Assessments Taken




PXT Select Assessment Over 42,000 Cients


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