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State of Hiring Webinar

How do you hire and retain the right people, especially now in a remote/hybrid world of work?

Join us for the State of Hiring webinar to learn about the opportunities we’ve uncovered in our latest research survey. During the webinar, you’ll learn how hiring practices have been challenged and changed in the last year; and why the time is now for organizations to rebuild—better than before. We’ll walk you through our findings and the implications for how PXT Select™ can help you deliver value and drive results within your organization.

In This Webinar, You Will:

  • Discover the unique recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and onboarding challenges identified by over 3,000 hiring managers.

  • Learn the three actions hiring managers revealed they need to rebuild an organization so it’s better than before.​

  • Explore how objective, reliable, and accurate data can improve hiring decision-making and bring consistency to the hiring process so hiring managers can confidently hire, manage, and retain talent.​

  • Learn next steps to receive a complimentary PXT Select assessment.

Attend The State of Hiring Webinar is eligible for one SHRM Recertification Professional Development Unit

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