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Common Myths about Your Employees - Myth #3

Myth: Organizations don’t need to invest in the employee experience

Regardless of their role, today’s employees are stressed, disengaged, and frustrated, which can have a negative impact on performance. Knowing this, organizations need to decide how to best invest in the employee experience. The current Wiley Workplace Research survey found that employees who feel valued as a person by their employer will positively affect business outcomes. Specifically, 87% said they would feel less stressed, with 96% sharing they would be more productive. Additionally, 97% said that feeling valued would increase motivation and 96% said they would stay at the organization longer.

Employees want to feel valued, and organizations and leaders have an opportunity to create a working environment where this happens. Beyond showing employees that they are valued, having leaders who are collaborative, future-focused, and effective communicators will positively affect the employee experience.

Simply put, investing in the employee experience can positively impact the organization and its people.

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