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How easy we can all be fooled. In many cases most of us tend to consider ourselves knowledgeable business professionals. After all, if we are a Vice President of Human Resources, we evidently have a high level of capacity when it comes to the business of HR. However, there are situations where we may end up taken in, tricked, misled, or just plain romanced. The problem is all around in the world there will always be some new technology or feature that could help change our employee retention and performance.

If we are smart, we will take the time to listen to new ideas... but the disadvantage of that openness is that we might unintentionally open ourselves up to being over sold and under delivered. Red flags and warning signs don’t always show up with every new tool, system or service the moment you see it. Often it takes time for the true colors to shine though. It’s only after our time, money, and valuable resources have been depleted. We need to be able to protect ourselves from those who might waste one or both.

Here are the TOP 20 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR EMPLOYEE ASSESSMENT VENDOR or anyone who might be selling Human Resource Solutions. It’s important to know if they will be a just a vendor or partner.

TOP 20

  1. What was the most recent date of your product (s) validity & reliability studies?

  2. What were the scores from these studies? .50, .60, .70, .80, .85?

  3. Are those scores cumulative or for each scale? Big Difference!

  4. Where was the assessment developed and can you send me a copy of research report?

  5. Is the assessment constructed in a Fix Form Method or Adaptive Assessment Method?

  6. Does your product measure the total person? Cognitive, Occupational Interest, Personality & Behavior?

  7. How many different reports are you able to generate?

  8. Are the results real-time?

  9. Are there any other charges? Training cost or certifications?

  10. Tell me about your client support and training? Any cost involved?

  11. Will you be able to demonstrate how the product is working for me? What kind of return on investment reports can you provide?

  12. Is your assessment multilingual, multicultural, and can it be given in other languages. If so, how many?

  13. How long does it take to complete the assessment and how long does it take for results?

  14. Do I need someone from your company to interpret the results?

  15. Is proctoring required?

  16. Is it customized for my company, position, department, manager, geography, or any combination?

  17. Can it be taken over the internet or paper and pencil?

  18. What else are the results used for?

  19. How long have you been in business?

  20. When was the assessment last updated?

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