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In the business world, there is a delicate balance between performance and trust. On the one hand, businesses need employees to perform well to stay competitive and achieve goals. On the other hand, high trust is essential for employees and customers to achieve long-term success. Finding the right balance can be a challenge.

High Performance refers to how well an employee is doing in terms of helping the business to achieve goals. This can include financial performance, market share, customer satisfaction, manufacturing production, sales, and more. On the other hand, trust is the belief that an employee will act in the business’s best interests, fellow employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Ideally, every business would love a high-performance and highly trusting workforce. This means that they are achieving their goals and doing so in a way that inspires trust and confidence. When a business has employees of high performance and high trust, this is where the magic happens, and profits soar.

However, the reality is that few businesses can build a high-performance and high-trust workforce. Often, businesses find themselves with a high-performance but low-trust workforce.

These are the people that are the cancer of the organization. They are moral killers, and if you ask anyone who is the “Jerk” of the company, everyone points to the same person. The problem for many businesses is that they become addicted to the performance and are unable or unwilling to wean themselves off for many reasons.

This can happen when a business prioritizes results over everything else, including the well-being of other employees or customers' needs. While this approach may work in the short term, it won’t deliver long-term positive outcomes. High-Performing and average-performing employees with high trust typically become resentful or burnt out, and customers may lose faith in the business.

Conversely, a business may have teams of high trust but low-performing employees. While this may seem like a better scenario, it can also be problematic. To survive in a competitive market, achieving business goals and objectives often fall short. Customers may appreciate the trust of businesses’ employees, but if they perform poorly, they may start looking elsewhere.

The impact of performance vs. trust must be balanced. High performance and high trust are ideal scenarios for any business workforce. So, what is the best approach? The best approach would be to identify high-performing employees with high trust; easier said than done, or is it?

Until recently, business leaders shook their heads and said, that’s just the nature of our industry. Many leading experts will tell you there are a million ways to identify and measure performance, but none for trust.

I have discovered a proven combination of solutions to measure and identify high-performing and high trust levels in potential employees. PXT Select Assessment identifies performance, and the Step One Survey identifies trust. This win-win combination can lead a business to the promised land.

The PXT Select assessment is a powerful tool for identifying high-performance employees. It assesses candidates’ cognitive abilities, behavior traits, and occupational interests, providing valuable insights into their potential fit to a high-performing job model. Businesses can use PXT Select to identify top-performing candidates, improve employee retention, and build high-performing teams.

By adding the Step One Survey to the selection process, businesses can effectively measure trust in candidates and potential employees. It assesses a candidate's work-related attitudes, values, and beliefs, providing insights into their honesty, integrity, and reliability. By using the Step One Survey, businesses can screen out candidates with low trust and build teams with high trust, improving their overall reputation.

When used together, PXT Select and the Step One Survey can help businesses build teams of high-performing and high-trust employees.

Businesses can build a high performance, trust, transparency, and accountability culture by identifying candidates with high potential and a strong work ethic. This, in turn, can lead to improved employee engagement, better customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, increased profits.

This isn’t hocus-pocus or some pie-in-the-sky business fantasy. I have helped countless companies achieve results that have, and continue to, impact their bottom line positively.

In summary, PXT Select and Step One Survey assessments can help businesses balance performance and trust in their workforce. Businesses can build a culture of excellence, trust, and success by identifying high-performing candidates and trustworthy employees.

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