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When it comes to employee assessments, is this utopia impossible?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

There’s a saying in the employee assessment business that goes like this, “Fast, good, or cheap – pick two.”

Make the assessment fast, make it cheap, and make it good. Well, most believe that accomplishing all three isn't possible for many employee assessment providers, and the fact is, they are right!

The notion of "Fast, Good, and Cheap" has emerged over time out of these general assumptions:

You can have a fast, high-quality assessment, but it will be expensive.

You can have a quick, inexpensive assessment, but it won’t be good.

You can have a high-quality, cheap assessment, but it will take the candidate a long time to complete.

Periodically, I review competitors in the marketplace. Doing my due diligence, I started to look through one website, and what I found was something out of the 80s.

They had a built-in search engine to find assessments from their “Catalog,” or if you had time, you could scroll through the 35 pages of assessments/tests with about 15 per page; that’s over 500!

So, each time a client has an opening, they will have to say, get the inside sales assessment, or no, wait, is it the inside customer service assessment? That’s crazy! Next, what happens when the organization wants to promote a new hire in a year? The assessment process starts all over.

I was shocked to discover that companies are still buying into these antiquated assessment solutions. Worse, they compare our advanced adaptive assessment solutions offerings to them. More disturbing is that these so-called competitors are still peddling “fixed form” assessments. (Read my article on Fixed Form Assessments)

So many organizations want a “Custom” assessment, and what they fail to realize, it's about people, nothing else. What's needed is an assessment solution that can extract the Occupational DNA® from a candidate and match them with the job, and it is that simple.

I'm convinced that an organization can find a utopia, "Fast, Good, and Cheap." All they have to do is call 1.800.434.2630 or visit us at

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