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5 Qualities of Top Performing Employees

Let’s get straight to the point―which qualities do you search for during employee selection?

Skill and experience are the first things that come to mind. You might even consider education and certifications. However, can these things guarantee productivity and higher performance?

Probably not! Your employee’s skills, stellar academic record and charming personality won’t always transition into their work. The best recruitment strategies try to dig deeper and identify the Occupational DNA® (Job Fit) that influences their performance.

Thinking style, behavioral traits and occupational interest might not surface on paper. Yet, they’ll be the very qualities that can identify potential top performing employees.

So, the question isn’t about if they are skilled enough to do the job. On the contrary, it’s whether or not they have the qualities of a top performing employee.

Do you want to know what these characteristics are?

Let’s have a look:

1. Sense of Ownership

Reliance vs. autonomy―what’s better?

Top performing employees tend to fall in the second category. It might take them some time to adjust to an environment that depends on others. However, their resourcefulness, practical thinking and determination always come through. It’s because these employees can take charge when things go wrong.

On the whole, this work behavior has a significant impact on productivity compared to employees who are completely dependent on you.

2. Attention to Detail

Sloppy mistakes can lead to irreversible consequences.

Want to know a secret? Employees who pay attention to intricate details are a blessing. You might think that these perfectionists are slowing you down. However, in the long run, their meticulous nature can save you from a big blunder.

Their steady pace offers stability when others rush to complete their work. Plus, their inclination to research and verify things ensures that your product meets the client’s guidelines.

3. Problem Solvers

Let’s admit it. Everyone loves an employee that can think on his/her feet and save you from a crisis.

In our experience, these individuals have a mindset that sets them apart from others. They possess all the qualities we’ve mentioned so far and an optimistic approach to life. Also, they rely on logic and facts rather than drowning themselves in doubts. With their help, you can diffuse a tense situation no matter how grim its prospects are.

How can you find a problem solver? Testing their cognitive abilities through assessments and conducting hands-on activities is a good way to go.

4. People Person

Teamwork makes the dream work.

This is kind of cliché but it’s true. The success of an organization depends on how well the team performs together. It’s why hiring an outgoing person is always a plus point for your company. It’s because they take the initiative to collaborate with the rest of the team. Moreover, they are always in the mood to brainstorm ideas, attend meetings and interact with customers.

5. Cultural Fit

Do you look at someone and go...’this is the kind of person we want!’?

The best recruitment strategy is to rope in a candidate who is compatible with your organization. We feel that it’s the most underrated quality of a top performing employee. It’s because conventional recruitment programs tend to focus more on skills.

But we feel it’s essential to find an employee who conforms to your rules and regulations. These individuals are more likely to follow company policies and stick to protocol. This trait makes it easier for them to fit into the team dynamic and comply with their designated tasks.

Lastly, it’s seen that employees like these find it easier to bring their A-game to the business. That’s because they don’t face adjustment issues and feel ‘at home’ from the onset.

Let’s Sum It Up...

In short, work behaviors like diligence, ownership and communication are the foundation for a top performing employee. These qualities ensure that you can rely on this person to bring something to the table. Consequently, hiring top performing employees will directly impact your bottom line.

Want to streamline your recruitment strategy? Equip yourself with employee assessment solutions. PXT Select™ can help you identify the key characteristics of your candidates. With our assistance, you’ll know how to separate top performers from the mediocre ones in no time.

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