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Getting Personal in the Workplace

Most of us flinch at the thought of mixing anything personal with anything business. That’s surely asking for a disaster to occur… right? Well, not exactly; in fact, the opposition of this mixture is growing increasingly outdated. Personal and business no longer need to be opposing poles. Personality is one realm of the personal that merits room to bleed into business. Our personality plays a major role in the type of environments we thrive best in, our productivity, adaptability, and social interactions. Because personality dictates our baseline decisions, the more we understand our personality the better we can predict and manage our decisions. When we introduce a balance between personal and business relations, we foster a more efficient work culture. Mixing personal with business has been a taboo for far too long, and it’s time we break the stigma.

Knowing how we function helps us navigate through both our personal and professional lives. While our character has room to evolve, our personality is hardwired. Although our personality is more dominate than our character and typically shines through from time to time, we can enhance our character based on our understanding of our personality. Personality tests are key to providing employees with this greater understanding. If we can identify the best and worse qualities of our personality, we can concentrate our efforts on cultivating the better and overcoming the worse.

Everything DiSC® uses technology to put into action physiological psychologist William Moulton Marston’s findings on emotional expression. Marston speculated that our emotional expression could be divided into four primary categories—Dominance (D), Inducement (I), Submission (S), and Compliance (C). The four categories stem from a person’s self-perception in relation to their environment. Thus, Marston’s theory lends itself to Everything DiSC®. DiSC® is an assessment tool used to unleash an employee’s ultimate potential. Instead of blindly undertaking conflict resolution in the workplace, DiSC® identifies an individual’s cognitive behavior which allows them to convert their negative qualities into positive ones. This assessment tool improves workplace culture and bypasses the “trial by error” step.

Employees who exhibit collegiality likely have a better awareness of themselves. While collegiality is one of the greatest qualities an employee can have, harnessing it is easier when we understand the self. By better understanding our personality and the personalities of our coworkers, we can develop better workplace relationships. Whether the relationship is hierarchical or not, a healthy relationship between coworkers is crucial to making business run smoothly and effectively. This is why DiSC® doesn’t stop at the self-assessment; it goes further by providing strategies to help improve those less than desirable personality traits. When we become aware of and acknowledge our shortcomings, we can work on self-improvement. This self-improvement leads to better responses to conflict in the workplace along with a better understanding of our coworker’s responses. A company has a greater success rate when its employees have a greater understanding of their self and when employers have a greater understanding of their employees.

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